A Parisian club kid in the early 00s, Djebali has evolved into one of today’s most accomplished house producers from the city’s new generation of talent, launching his self-titled imprint in 2011 and introducing two more successful offshoots only two years later.

This Saturday, the prolific DJ/Producer/Remixer/Label Boss will join a line up made up exclusively of of French artists representing everything thats great about house and techno. Alongside the likes of dOP, Masomenos, Point G, and more, the signature smooth, organic house sound of Djebali, and his compatriots will be on full display in London.

Anticipating the event, we asked Djebali to put together a playlist featuring 10 of his all time favorite French House grooves. To know one’s surprise, he came back to us with these 10 dancefloor killers. Enjoy!

Point G

Point G is one of the key influencers when it comes to French grooves. He uses a few aliases, among them is DJ Gregory but the sound is totally different with his Point G project. He took a hiatus with this pseudonym for a while, but came backa a few years ago with his raw sound. This track is the perfect example of what I am talking about.

Phil Weeks

Phil Weeks is – with Chris Carrier – one of the most prolific French artists out there… I can’t even begin to imagine how many releases he has under his belt. A LOT! This guy is a machine, a groove-making machine! He also manages Robsoul Recordings, which has a huge back catalogue, he also hosts a series of videos on YouTube called Underground Chronicles and has his own residency party, plus gigs all over Europe… the only question is: when does this guy sleep?!

REda daRE

Reda is one of the new generation of fresh Frenchies. You have to check out his stuff, he never fails with the grooves! He hasn’t put a lot of releases out there, but he already has his signature groove, trust me…

Vadim Svoboda

Vadim is a passionated French guy who has a incredible live set up. Make sure you check out his stuff, it’s seriously subtle and classy. He is not only focused on the groove but also on finding and creating new textures and sounds.


Here is an old track from dOP. Those three dudes really have something special: they produce like no one does. Pure Frenchy style, even if he is singing in English.