Collaboration can be a tricky game. Egos can get hurt and musical differences are pretty much par for the course. But when they hit the sweet spot, it can open up whole new avenues, especially to producers who might not have worked in tandem with someone else previously.

Elon’s The Nest EP is very much indicative of a release where the producers all emerge with serious credit. The four-track vinyl offering – the 10th release on Elon’s Resolute imprint – sees the NYC-based producer join forces with none other than KiNK, Alexi Delano and Mass Prod. A diverse cast of producers who all maintain their own sound, fortunately the release is every bit as enticing as it sounds on paper. With all this in mind, we decided to nab Elon for a brief chat, as he gave us the lowdown on some of his favourite tracks from said producers. In short, these are all at the heart of why Elon ended up collaborating with the aforementioned trio. So without further ado, here are the tracks he plumped for…

KiNK – Tropic 

Wow, what a jam! This was my first introduction to KiNK’s sound. I played this track so much in my sets, the whole EP (Psyche Funk) is amazing. This tune has the disco, the rawness, the attitude and it sets the floor on fire every time.

And what can I say about Stahil? I first met him in 2012. What a geuine human being, so humble and truly an artists with so much talent. We were working on music during one of his visits to NYC three years ago. Later on, that session turned into the two tunes that are present on The Nest EP. Clearly, the Juno 60 303, 909 and the 101 absolutely dominating both of them.

ADNY Presents Leiva – Something for the Soul

I bought this album back in 2000 and that’s the tune that always grabbed me. Super,deep and timeless. I met Alexi in New York almost 10 years ago now, this mofo been releasing since the 90s on some of the scene’s most respected labels.

We were playing and traveling together a lot. Basically, it’s always a good time when Alexi is around. Such a fun guy! This is my second collaboration with Alexi who is someone I greatly admire as a Producer (and friend!), the first one was on the Elon & Friends release, ‘Kolekti EP’, a few years back. It just made sense to do it again.

Mass Prod & Jus Ed – Focaccina

I loved this track from the very first listen. A couple years later, I had the pleasure to meet Martino when he played for one of our events, it was love at first sight, we clicked right away and I couldn’t resist looking at his beautiful blue eyes. One of the smartest and coolest people I know out there.

On one of his visits here, we had a full day at the studio and we ended up producing 4 tracks. My whole routine of producing music changed that day, I felt in love with jamming and recording everything into two tracks. I just felt the process was way more creative and easy.

Michael Stavostrand & David Scuba – Money Dish

This tune is collaboration between David Scuba and another old friend, Mikael Stavostrand. I’m loving this tune, because it’s says “Money Talk” and I’m a Jew and I know that!

I met David when he used to live here over 12 years ago.. few years later, he reached out and invited me to play at his event in LA, It was great catching up with him after all those years in NY, when the scene here was so small and everyone knew everyone..

Since then I’ve come to play for him and Mr C’s event, Superfreq a few times. We also hosted a Superfreq label showcase at our ReSolute’s event a few years back, where we hired freaks and midgets to preform some dance (really bad idea, btw!) Since then him and his smoking wife have been staying with me when they come to NY. A couple years ago, his wife heather went to get a flower tattoo. (Yes, a flower!) So myself and David had the chance to get in the studio and make this awesome tune.

Elon’s ‘The Nest EP’ (featuring collaborations with KiNK, Alexi Delano. David Scuba and Mass Prod) is out soon on Elon’s Resolute label. You can sample and pre-order the release here

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