Volante Records boss, Greg Venezia, curates a playlist showcasing elaborate melodic arrangement from the classical era through to modern day electronica.

The classically trained musician draws a clear line to his evocative and progressive production style with this touching list of influential tracks. In his own words, Greg describes the playlist as:

Below is a playlist of music that has had a huge impact on my development as both a musician and music producer. Musicians are always on a constant journey of development, and this list of music has taught me a lot and inspired me. This list could be really long, but I narrowed it down to the most important ones. The playlist is organized by age of influence, with the first being when I was young and last being more recent. I hope you enjoy.

1. Robert Schumann – Konzertstuck for Four Horns & Orchestra

I started violin when I was three years old, but upon picking up the horn in elementary school it became my instrument of choice. This piece was the first performance featuring horns that I had ever seen live, and was pretty influential at a young age towards my interest and development of the instrument. This piece really tests all four soloists and really shows the capabilities of the instrument. I’ve included the first movement in this list, but would also highly suggest the 2nd and 3rd.

2. Tiesto – Traffic

This track is pretty legendary in it’s own right, and I think everyone who likes electronic music can recognize the iconic main line. This was the first real dance track I had ever heard and probably one of my first iTunes downloads. I wouldn’t say it got me hooked on dance music, but certainly got my attention

3. Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear

I really love Tangerine Dream. They were the first electronic group that really started me down the path of giving electronic music the attention it deserves. Tangerine Dream has put out so many tracks with such different styles. Really incredible group.

4. The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

I used to bang out this track while grinding online poker in early high school, and also while hanging out with friends. ‘Galvanize’ always gets me fucking hyped and I still listen to it frequently.

5. Subscape – Nothings Wrong

A girl I used to like in high school loved this track. I had no fucking clue what dubstep was at the time, but really appreciated this track. The moving line and melodic qualities produced a really cool vibe that I hadn’t heard before.

6. Phaeleh – Afterglow

One of my closest friends, Matt, used to play this track a lot back when we lived together. For me, this is one of those tracks that you can just close your eyes, relax, and take in the music.

7. Emancipator – Safe in the Steep Cliffs

I am a big fan of Emancipator, and this track is my favorite. I really love the soundscapes in this track, and the blending of acoustic elements is awesome.

8. Pryda – Human Behaviour

I honestly could and should put the whole Prydz, Pryda, Cirez D catalog in here. Human Behavior really is ‘the track’ that got me turned on to progressive house. I used to chair rave to this track in my dorm all the time. It’s Eric Prydz, not much more to say.

9. deadmau5 – Strobe

In my opinion, ‘Strobe’ is the best electronic track ever produced, a real masterpiece. I’ve easily listened to this track 10,000 times. I was actually a bit sad when I heard there were remixes coming out for it; from an artistic perspective, this is the one track I wouldn’t dare touch. The symphonic elements, long emotional buildup, extended syncopation, and incredible use of polyrhythms throughout are unmatched in electronic music.

10. Guy J & Henry Saiz – Meridian

This track is incredible. Another track where I can’t help but close my eyes and take it all in. Guy J and Henry Saiz at their finest.

11. Royksopp – Sordid Affair (Fehrplay Remix)

This is my favorite Fehrplay remix, and probably one of my favorite remixes ever. I really love the creativity here, this track brings the energy and sounds fucking incredible over a good sound system.

12. Jeremy Olander – Falls

It’s fitting to include a JO track on here. This track has a tenderness to it that is perfect late into sets; this track is a mood changer for me, always makes me smile. There’s something about JO tracks that simply demand appreciation.

13. Maceo Plex – Solar Detroit

God, I love this track. The dark, incredible synth line got me hooked. I spent hours talking to friends about the synth work in this track. Solar Detroit is a perfect example that sometimes less is more.

14. Sid Waters – Exile

Sid Waters is a friend of mine and an awesome producer. This was his first release and I can’t stop listening to it. A lot of awesome symphonic elements combined into one great progressive house track.

15. Rachmaninoff – Prelude in C# Minor, Op. 3 No. 2

Coming from an orchestral background, romantic music has always been a staple. This track really gets to me, so much pain, struggle, and yearning. The emotions that can flow through such a percussive instrument are fascinating. This is one of the only pieces of music that gives me chills…every single time. The depth and feels are out of this world. I included a Spotify link, but would highly recommend Evgeny Kissin’s rendition here:

Greg’s ‘Sasha EP’, is out 25th August on Volante Records.

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