A driving force behind soulful and eclectic music scene in Russia, Lay-Far distinctively individual style has won him truly global fan base.

The owner of In-Beat-Ween Music is internationally recognized as a skilful DJ and selector, seamlessly bridging the gaps between the cutting-edge and classic house rhythms, rare disco and boogie, Afro-Latin grooves, bass-heavy cuts delivering a unique sonic mixture to satisfy one’s body, mind and spirit. With multiple successful releases under his belt on pretty much every quality label under the sun, including Local Talk, BBE, Atjazz Record Company, G.A.M.M., Rebirth, Tru Thoughts and Soundofspeed, Lay-far now preps his long-awaited 3rd album – “War is Over”, for release later in the year.

With that album, and a slew of other projects on tap through 2018, including its two already release singles (Never Good Enough For You | Be The Change), Lay-Far provides 10 sub-genre centric inspirations behind the work.


DIY-approach, experimentation, passion, in-your face attitude, socio-political context…. It’s all in there! One of the initial draft titles of my new album was inspired by Gang Of Four’s debut LP – “Entertainment”! I ended up changing it several times afterwards )))


Been exploring and getting kicks from dub music and it’s aesthetics over the last 3 or 4 years, which led me into working with this crew from England called The Riddim Research Lab. No wonder the forthcoming album is my most dub-influenced work to date – stripped-down arrangements, analogue mixdowns, “studio as an instrument” approach, extensive use of space, the importance of sound texture, focus on the rhythm section, low end pressure, abuse of analogue effects… – you name it. Funny enough there is a collab with Riddim Research boys on the album, as well as anti-Babylonian stances expressed in several tracks.

UK Hardcore

The work on the new album coincided with me reading Simon Reynolds’ “Energy Flash”. I got fascinated by his concept of “Hardcore continuum”, which resonated so well with my earliest music inspirations and aspirations. It made me reconsider several creative stances as well as the way I analyse my own music and things I appreciate in other people’s dance works. So eventually it influenced the final track-list of the album, making me exclude several tracks and include some instead. The album got definitely wilder after that!

Boards of Canada

A music phenomenon on its own and a huge influence for me from day one! Strangely familiar melancholic vibe, cryptic allusions, eerie references and subliminal messages, the way they approach the album as a multi-layered conceptual piece of art / riddle / post-modernist opus – that’s what always enchanted me in BOC’s works!

Bruk (Broken Beat)

Modern fusion, neatly combining the traits of almost every dance music genre out there – that’s why broken beat has always had a special place in my heart. And Domu has been one of my favourite pioneers of the scene!

Soviet Jazz-Funk

Thanks to the influence of Alexander Boora and DJ Basil – over the last 2-3 years I’ve been getting more inspired by the Soviet cultural heritage – digging more and more obscure Jazz-funk records, produced in the USSR, and proudly presenting them through the dj sets to the listeners from around the globe! In my new album I ended up sampling at least 4 rarest compositions recorded in the USSR in mid 70-80s!


Punks, provocateurs, music renegades and oddballs who decided to change the music business. And they did! Not only by scoring several №1 hits and writing the highly-influential «The Manual» (which I read of course), but also by voluntarily burning 1 million pounds in cash and inspiring musicians like me! Strangely enough, after reading John Higgs’ book on the band I started experiencing KLF-related synchronicities on a regular basis, one of them being the following: A week after I came up with the final name of the album – «War Is Over» (which, by the way, has many connotations) – I came across a fresh article about the launch of KLF’s new book trilogy just to find the SAME VERY SLOGAN on the group’s new merch! What?!

Old-School Electro

I dunno, making broken tracks, using overdriven old-school drum-machines just feels right for me now! It’ all about the use of space and dynamics, making something very funky and powerful with minimum elements. I’ve been extensively exploring this direction on my new album.

Brit Funk

I have always considered jazz-and funk-influenced dance music from the British Isles as one of my main inspirations – be it in the form of “Brit funk”, Acid-jazz, “UK Jazz-dance” or the new wave of jazz musicians, inspired by UK Garage, bruk, hip-hop and drum’n’bass. It’s in the DNA of my music taste, period.

Songs In Dance Music (no need to call it soulful house or vocal house)

I’m a sucker for a great song! With a vocal dance tune – it’s even better – the result is working on so many levels! Instrumental tracks are fine but it’s a song that stays on your mind. It’s what your soul needs! Working with great vocalists has always been essential for me throughout my career and you can find that on my forthcoming album as well with songs, featuring Pete Simpson and Stee Downes!

New single by Lay-Far – Be The Change EP (Feat. Pete Simpson) is out now worldwide. The full-length 3rd album “WAR IS OVER” to follow later this year.

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