Having just released the superb ‘All Clear’ EP on Culprit, Pablo Bolivar has put together a selection of tracks that have built him into the musician and producer he is today, check out what he had to say below.

In this playlist I’ve selected tracks that marked my life, tracks that influenced my actual style, tracks that each time I listen to, it makes me recall a part of my life, and they never gets old for me. I am very grateful to have the possibility of being working or in contact with most of these artists, my heroes. Of course the list could be longer, I’ve tried to select the main records, let’s start from the beginning.

Jean Michel Jarre – First Rendez Vous

I was fourteen years old, at the High School, my music teacher played this album on a class to explain what electronic music is. I was shocked, I liked it, from that day I started to learn more about this music, searching on my parents vinyls and my sisters tapes to find more like this, and I found the next record below.

Mike Oldfield – Sentinel

Tubular Bells II was the first album of electronic music I had. I listened to it day and night on my walkman, and each time I found new details. For me this is a masterpiece of the new age electrónica.

BBE – Seven Days and one week / Hypnose

Yes, everybody knows the track “Seven days and one week”, but the track that blowed my mind was the other side, “Hypnose”. I am still playing it these days, listen to it. We are talking of year 1996 and Emmanuel Top was delivering super advanced techno for that date. Emmanuel, you are one of the minimal masters, your album “Asteroid” proof it, no doubt.

Shpongle – …And the day turned to night

I was into trance music in those years and my sister was living in London when Shpongle released the first album. When she gave it to my I said: “what the f**k is this music?!” she said, “this is what we listen in London brother”, Psychedelic chill. The album is a journey, and the production of Simon Postford is outstanding, he is a master in the studio. Today the vinyl album is valued in 300€, I am proud to have it, thanks Sistah.

Maurizio – Domina

If we say dub techno we are talking about Maurice Von Oswald & Mark Ernestus, the creators. “Domina” one of the main titles ever. I was running my record shop for that days, since I discovered this record I felt in love with the style, the dark and deep techno music.

Heiko Laux – Earthbouncing Pt. 1

Heiko is one of my heroes, his melodic techno is unique, and “Liquidism”, his first album, was my first techno album as well. I am listening to it right now and damn, it sounds really actual! I will try to play it in my next gig.

Sensual Physics – Warmes Moment

My friend Raul played this record in the after hours, this track was my favourite, but the whole album is too much. He gave it to me and I can say is one of my favourite records in my collection. I am very happy to call Joerg (Sensual Physics) friend, he is one of heroes too, I’ve learned a lot from him, very proud to make music together. Our new vinyl is out now and the full album will be out very soon.

Global Communication – 8:07

When I was working on Decoder Music Distribution my boss Iñaki Bau introduced me to this album. Now I can say this is one of the main pieces in the ambiet music story, I am still listen it, a timeless piece of art.

Burial – Distant lights

I think that the first album of Burial surprised everyone. Something new in the electronic music, ambient, breaks, industrial, jungle, techno… Dubstep became popular with it. For that years we create Pulshar and Burial influenced us a lot.

Floating Point – Vacumn Boogie

I like everything what Floating Points do, hard to pick a track, but this one was the first music I listened from him. A real musician, from dance music to jazz or experimental, fresh and conceptual, always bringing new ideas to me.

Vakula feat Dices – Asuwant

Same with Vakula, this guy is from another planet, I love his view of house music, very eclectic, and always delivering quality, we can learn a lot from him. We were chatting in a festival and looks like a nice guy, I hope to work together some day. I have more than 15 records from him, another of my heroes.

Information Ghetto – Mental Arp

I am very happy to have Denis aboard my label Seven Villas, all his productions are on point, I love how he produce the melodies and use the efx, always quality. It sounds very actual but at same time kind of 90’s, and very conceptual, that’s what I really like, songs that tells stories, artists dreams.

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