I-Robots and his label Opilec Music are known for vast reserves of knowledge when it comes to disco, house, techno, Italo, cosmic, synth wave, krautrock and many other genres.

Through countless reissues and releases, I-Robots has told fascinating stories about the roots of this music, often stepping up with his own reinterpretations. Of these sounds, I-Robots has collected a package to show off his eclectic style with a compilation that pulls together all his most essential reconstructions, edits, remixes and reworks from 2007 to 2017.

Here, let I-Robots take you through some obscure Italian work:

“I-Robots here, would love to introduce an exclusive playlist for Deep House London, featuring music from an obscure underground Turin label that was active during the 70’s & 80’s: DRUMS EDIZIONI MUSICALI (Discogs | Wiki). The label catalog included contaminated, low-fi, bizarre, irreverent, ironic and “sarcastic” disco and includes some of the most wanted and quite rare 7″s…
All these original selected mastertapes are now owned by Opilec Music and will be remastered and re-released including some unreleased tracks and versions under the “I-Robots – Turin Dancefoor Express” project.”

Analisi 91 – Disco Magic

An Italian band from Turin, apparently ’91′ was the sum of all the members’ ages when they got together.
On the B-side of a 7″, this 1978 track is a simply fascinating, easy-cheesy disco cut with some USA funky reminiscences…

Drums Music Show – Sexy Banana (Unreleased Instrumental)

This is a strictly exclusive preview only for Deep House London from an interesting 1979 project created by some of Turin’s Prog-Rock and disco icons like Valerio Liboni (La Strana Società/Captain Torkive/I Nuovi Angeli), Gualtiero Gatto (Babalù Records/G7 Studio), Louis Atzori (I Ragazzi De Sole) and Marcello “Spooky” Quartarone (Circus 2000/Living Life)… Easy latin disco with a kind of nice Philly Sound mood… The original vocal version is too cheesy and quite weird on the vocals in my opinion so this unreleased instrumental version was a unexpected lucky find…

Dublefas Orchestra – I Am Here

Easy-cheesy melodic disco that partially sounds much older than 1980, the year of release. There are some strange USA Country sound influences on the guitars and strings here…. There is also a remake made by “I Mappet” released on the same label and maybe the same year that sounds a more synth-electronic…

Gianfracasso Ensemble – Top 2

A 1977 funky Disco tune that was one of the themes produced for the Turin discos & clubs… Some other themes and dedication tracks were produced during these years by different artists for clubs like “Vaniglia”, “Lido”, “Pick Up”, “Big Club”, “Lemosweet”, “Circus”, “Nepentha” this last one is actually considered the “Studio 54” of the city and “Taboga”…

Group T.N.T. – Mister Sam

Sexy Disco Rock from 1979 where the lyrics are suggestive, talking about a guy that finally could have sex after a long time being quite embarrassed because he didn’t know how to manage the moment… but we have to not be worried because there is a “happy handing” here…. So now you could guess who really is Mister Sam???

I Mappet – You And Me

I could only say that i can clearly see that Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael’s Bumblebee Unlimited totally influenced this obscure band on this 1980 easy-cheesy funky disco track.

Jam Session – Taboga (Part 2)

As mentioned before this is one of the anthems produced in 1979 for one of the Turin disco clubs; Taboga is an easy-cheesy gay disco track re-released in 1981 by Derby under “Taboga Team” band name.

Joe “Spitfire” Nicosia & C. Industria Musicale – Acqua Di Limone (Unreleased)

Strictly exclusive preview only for Deep House London this unreleased jazz-disco-funk cut has never been available before… it’s coming from an obscure original “demo” that i personaly found and bought together with all Drums Edizioni Musicali mastertapes. Funny, south of Italy Puglia regional slang vocals here that are reminiscent of the style of the famous comedian “Leone Di Lernia” r.i.p.. Not sure about the date of this production but i could imagine that probably it was produced after the kult 1975 Italo-funk monster “Cobra Sound”.

Olga Melchionda – Samedi Soir

The first version of this latin disco track was produced in the 1979 by “Drums Music Show” for the B Side of “Sexy Banana” rare 7″. This more sexy version has the same electronic groove of the latest “Patricia & Top Secret” version also released by Drums Edizioni Musicali so i suppose that both versions were produced during the early 80’s… All the “Samedi Soir” versions will be released in one Opilec Music vinyl E.P. shortly.

Orchesta Fango – Manila Sound

1977 latin easy-cheesy disco produced as anthem for Radio Manila, a popular Turin radio station.
This track was released on a 7″ but not everybody know that there is also a Drums Edizioni Musicali V.A. album which actually incuding it.

“Reconstructions – 2007-2017: 10th Year Anniversary – Chapter I & II” is available 31 January on Opilec Music

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