Hot Creations revive Chicago’s Booty House scene with one of its pioneers, DJ Funk, and German producer Rydim who deliver the pumping ​’Ghetto Booty’​ bringing on Miami’s Jesse Perez for the​ ​remix.

Rydim has been stirring up dance floors under a variety of pseudonyms since 2002, delivering releases for for the likes of Hot Creations, Tsuba and Pets Recordings, while Mr. Nice Guy Records label owner Jesse Perez has brought his tongue in cheek charm to labels like Hot Creations, I’m A House Gangster, BPitch Control and Edible.

With this new anthem out now Rydim and Jesse Perez eachgive us their 5 ultimate Booty Anthems. What are your favorites?


DJ Funk – House The Groove (Dance Mania 053)

If you ask me this is probably one of the best tracks Charles (DJ Funk) wrote in the 90s. I love it! Got so many memories connected to it. I indeed heard it in Berlin’s E-Werk club for the first time in those months before it’s closing in 1997. Too funny someone cut pictures of that place into the video here. Oh boy, that place taught me a lot back in the days…

Darien – Hit It (Dance Mania 120)

Awesome, effective track with that typical Ghetto House pump. I like it for primetime slots in places where peeps are into the harder flavors of House. Stompin’!

Tyree – Of Love Mystery (Dance Mania 099)

A classic track which I like playing regularly. The beats leave no doubt about it’s origin, but this tune develops a kind of deepness over the course. Multi-flavored Chicago fun!

Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness (Muzique Records ‎001)

Loving this! More on the Acid side of things and with those classic RZ-1 beats. So simple but so effective.

Deeon – R U Sure? (Dance Mania 186)

Great for the more tech-y floors. Pitch fader down and those drums will make the crowd lift off.

Jesse Perez

DJ Funk – ‘Work It’

I love the MJ sample on this one! It’s short but with quick mixing you can squeeze it right in!

Trina – ‘Long Heels Red Bottoms’ (Jesse Perez Remix)

Sometimes I like putting my own flavor on tracks like this one from Trina and playing it to a whole new audience that probably wouldn’t know about it.

DJ Deeon- ‘Let Me Bang’

This track never fails me! Always gets the party hype!

DJ Slugo- ‘A Blunt’

If there was a track that would make you want to smoke a blunt besides a Dr. Dre track it would be this one!

Rydim vs. DJ Funk – ‘Ghetto Booty’ (Jesse Perez Remix)

Honoured to have had the chance to remix this Ghetto House track. I slowed it down just a bit and added a bumpy baseline to get those hips swinging.

“Ghetto Booty” is NOW AVAILABLE via Hot Creations BUY

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