The Supermen Lovers is the alias of Guillaume Atlan, who mixes up his formally trained musical skills with clubbing clout.

With a weighty catalogue of releases to his credit, and over the last 15 years in the game, The Supermen Lovers always brings the fresh mix of Funk, Disco, Boogie and House that ranges from uplifting to club-focused.

Now, French labels Word Up Records & Latebwa welcome The Supermen Lovers for a six track EP available at the end of the month. With the vibes heavy on that one, The Supermen Lovers have given us 10 of his most seminal French Disco tracks of all time. What are some of your favorites?

1 – Boule Noire – Aimer d amour

Let’s start from the beginning… I was 4 years old when this track was released. My father used to listen to Rock & Metal and my mother french pop…so it was impossible for me to hear the likes of Boule Noire at home. Eleven years after I went in my first club in Paris. Techno & House did not exist yet. A few minutes after I came in I heard this amazing beat and bass. Then came the chorus: « Aimer d amour!! C est aimer comme moi je t’aime».

2 – Francois Feldman – You want every night

So there was that guy, François Feldman, in the late eighties, singing cheesy french pop on TV… and at this time he never convinced me. When I turned 17/18 years old, I was surprised to discover that in the early 80’s, Francois was a funk music producer… and a pretty good one!!

3 – France Lise – Pour moi ca va

Let’s stay in the eighties 😉 At this period French disco was massive. And there were a lot of releases.
So here is one from a rare disco record that wasn’t famous but is real quality music.

4 – Cerrone – Give me love

I have always been huge fan of Marc Cerrone. Even as a kid I felt that this disco was different. High quality & Class. It was not “funny”…it was serious stuff.

5 – Daft Punk – Around the world

With the same “let s conquer the world” energy … I have to select Daft punk – ‘Around the World’.
In 1996 I had a friend (he’s still my friend) who was close to Thomas Bangalter. Their first album was not yet release but my mate got a cassette with 3/4 tracks from the album. And then arrived ‘Around the world’. Believe it or not from that, I stopped playing acoustic funk, said goodbye to 2 or 3 bands I was playing with… and I bought a sampling machine ensoniq ASR10.

6 – Idris Cheba – Si t en veux pas je la remet dans la culotte

I know what you think… he’s not going to talk about « space » … no .. I won t. I don t like space. I don t like this minimalist naive pseudo intello-arty disco. Why do you want to find something elitist in Disco!!! Disco is dance, Disco is basic, primitive. You want to dance & you want to fuck… in the same time. Point. So get that one …

7 – Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O

We also popular disco hits in France. Like this, D.I.S.C.O from Ottawan. I really love that song but I don’t admit it at all!! 😉 Oh by the way… there’s a choregraphie that goes with it…enjoy.

8 – Alan Braxe – Bonus Beat

It’s time to move to the french touch / french house. And as most of you don’t live in France… you don’t have idea how many books/theory/movies etc etc has been released in France about this. I think that the wikipedia for French touch in france is changed everyday by every manager/agent of every French electronic band/artist. Anyway… here is a perfect disco-french touch track by Alan Braxe. Never released…

9 – Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt

We stay in the same period with another great French track. I know that some of you will find that track not at all disco. For me… it s disco 1000% disco. I want to dance, and I want to fuck… that’s Disco!
Mr Pepe Bradock 🙂

10 – Serge Gainsbourg – Love on the beat

…and for the final track we ll go to the biggest french artist of the 20th century (my point of view): Serge Gainsbourg – Love on the beat.

Et bien je vous souhaite une belle journée/soirée 😉

“Clock Sucker” is available 23 February on Word Up Records & Latebwa PRE ORDER

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