Little Festival has become much talked about for its focus on making parties fun and immersive.

They roam round various different venues in London and places likes Switzerland and also run their own label. They are warm and welcoming affairs that encourage you to cut loose and dance the night away rather than stand around stroking your chin. Their fourth birthday soon come as will events at The Steelyard in London and here we have a run down of some of the top tunes you can expect to hear at any party.

Sean Branton – Love Yourself (Oberres Records)

Hans Zimmer (Tale Of Us Edit) – Time (n/a)

Alessio Frino & Rone White (Zlatnichi’s Mental Mix) – The Groove EP (Little Festival Records)

Thick Dick (Andrea Oliva Remix) – Welcome To The Jungle (Sondos)

Fideles – Unreal (Bedrock Records)

The Little Festival