Dutch drug factories have been capitalizing on the massive and immediate success of augmented reality game Pokémon Go by quickly pressing and selling pills in the character forms at a steep discount.

Of course they’re is a catch, as the pills are quite dangerous combinations of MDMA and 2CB, being sold for about £1 each on the dark web, ultimately retailing for about £5 in the UK. In fact, you can buy 50 doses of the high grade drug for £49.71. Plus the marketing of Pokémon Go shaped drugs directly targets the early teen (and younger) crowd, yielding disturbing news stories such as the fact that a 13-year-old boy and three girls aged 12 are seriously ill after taking the pills in the last month alone.

The pills are pressed into various Pokémon Go characters with yellow Pikachu being the most prevalent of all. On the popularity of the Pokémon brand in ecstasy pressing, a Manchester drug gang leader told Sunday People, “There are hundreds of thousands of these pills being pressed in Holland and Germany and shipped here…Chances of them being intercepted­ are pretty slim. Sell them for a fiver a go and you make a wedge. There’s massive demand. Pills are back in a big way.”

Pokémon Go-Pikachu-in-post

Source: Sunday People