“As soon as I heard the news last night I was convinced it was him. I have spoken to the rest of the family and we all feel the same way”, that’s what Bristol’s DJ Derek’s great niece Jennifer Griffiths has told UK media after police reported that they had found what is likely to be the remains of the missing DJ.

Derek was officially reported missing in July 2015, his last seen location was on a bus from Gloucestershire. His ‘badly decomposed’ remains were found Thursday.

“In a way it would be closure for us if this was Derek but at the same time it would be awful, it would be the worst case scenario” his great niece continued, “He used to get the bus to Cribbs Causeway all the time and we always felt that he could have ended up around that area. It just feels that we wasted all that time looking in the wrong places when he was there all the time.”

DJ Derek’s career spans over 40 years. In the late 60s he started playing records for a living, introducing profoundly eclectic selections of reggae, ska, soul, dancehall music and rocksteady.

What happened that July which led to him gone missing is still shrouded in mystery.

Source: Bristolpost | Mixmag