Following his ambient LP “The Evening Falls” on Kompakt, Kenneth James Gibson is set to release his most realized dance floor full length under the [a]pendics.shuffle moniker, “Aware Sequence Found Life”

In just under an hour [a]pendics.shuffle listeners on a spiritual psychedelic head fuck spanning an array of deep house, techno, ambient, experimental, and even a moment of synth laden acidic jazz. Although there have been many singles, EPs, remixes, and various collaborations in the last few years with artists such as Mikael Stavostand, Mr. C, Blakkat, Douglas J. McCarthy, and Dilo, this will be the first [a]pendics.shuffle full length album in 11 years.

Today, we exclusively premiere ‘Sunburned Tears’ off of “Aware Sequence Found Life”. The track features haunting vocals from [a]pendics.shuffle near 10 minute run time.

“Aware Sequence Found Life” is available 8 July on Adjunct Audio

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