With 13 years behind them as a creative partnership Audiofly has accumulated unparalleled experience through their endeavours and continue to put everything into maintaining their careers at the highest level.

The two men have established a creative empire, which includes two record labels (Supernature, Masion D’etre), a global party brand (Flying Circus) and fashion, each representing a different branch of the Audiofly tree. Above all else, positivity, creativity and a clear vision remain the core elements that bind all of Audiofly’s enterprises together and they are the foundation of partnership that remains as scintillating now as it was 13 years ago when it was first formed.

Today, we premiere Audiofly’s contribution to Barcelona-based label No. 19 Music‘s “I Live in Barcelona” compilation, entitled ‘Come Walk in the Rain’. As the title may suggest, 16 cuts from Barcelona based artists make up the LP with Audiofly’s offering a woozy, cosmically tinged track, with the full ability to carry you deep into the night.

“I Live in Barcelona” is available 12 December on No. 19 Music

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