Avant and his crew start label ‘PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH’ with their first release ‘Initium’ EP. 

PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH is a Cologne-based crew founded by Avant, Solique, and Vintash. The new label is the result of a years-long friendship and collaboration. As every free minute is spent listening, discovering, or producing music, the crew aims to create a creative space full of musical expression and artistic freedom. A space for artists sharing the passion for electronic music and the vision of creating timeless soulful, melodic electronic music. They are driven particularly by the shared vision and the spirit that moves the PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH crew, as the label will not limit itself to the art of music but is open up to a broad variety of art’s, creating a home for all sorts of creatives.

The first EP on PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH is called “Initium” and is a collection of 3 tracks, one from each of the founders of the crew. Creating a musical journey from the beginning to the end the crew takes the listener on an emotional ride. Founding member Avant delivers his production Engrave, which we are premiering today. The ethereal track has an infectious melody that will stick with you for days on end. 

Avant, Solique, Vintash – Initium EP [PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH]
1. Solique – Venice
2. Avant – Engrave
3. Vintash – Lost Romance

Release Date: 22-01-2021 // Buy