Stockholm-based Petar Šuškić makes a Reworck debut as Bonaca, a project borne out of sentiment for deep electronic music which tell stories via the acute emotion penetrating his creations.

Having made his mark with a smattering of releases during 2015, the story of this talented Croatian culminates with stellar single ‘Our Story’ and is aptly accompanied by a remix from Petar Dundov, an artist from which Bonaca garnered inspiration during his formative years in the studio. Bonaca’s progressive foundations don’t go unnoticed with a series of arps and evolving soundscapes dominating the original piece, concepts which Dundov develops further while bolstering and reimagining the direction of travel for both bass and percussive elements.

“Our Story” is available 10 October on Reworck

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Words by Breccia (c) 2016