Co-founder Braunbeck ushers his and Hazel’s two-year-old Sol Eterno into the new decade with a forceful, mood-setting three-tracker that elaborates on the young label’s prolific catalog and definitive sound as made known, and clear, by its latest various artist compilation at the end of 2019. 

The Berlin-based label has thrived on the melodrama of duality and interdependence of contrast, light versus dark, coarse against tender, and Braunbeck feeds on just that, and yet takes these elements further, circling back home in true solar fashion.

The title track Montornes, an 8:15 minute intrusion of light and a whiff of dawn, the sound of eternity manifesting in an upbeat tempo, fleeting melody and an upward spiraling recoil. Domus Portus breaks out of twilight, cold and dewy, a basic, lusty bassline at its core, projected by haunting vocals which warped with synth, becomes a transcendent experience. SOL011 wraps up in a cinematic finale, revved up by a careful and tense buildup that eases up as the track’s texture grows lush, and melody grows temperamental from a distance. An angelic chant exalts Embracing The Culture to a place where soul is as far as the cosmos, climaxing just before a drop that evokes all bodily sensations to a perpetual dance with all things inherent and all else unknown.

Braunbeck – Montornes EP [Sol Eterno]
1. Montornes
2. Domus Portus
3. Embracing The Culture
Release Date: 28-02-2020 // Buy here

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