Dutch youngster Budakid impressed with his debut release for Exploited a few months back in the form of ‘Adieu X’. Now he returns with two new tracks for Exploited, and a hot remix courtesy of Tensnake.

Adieu X, a masterful slice of epic breakbeat with brooding undertones and a remix by Frankey & Sandrino. Backed with the glorious piano chillout cut ‘A Porcelain Heart’, it made for a very impressive debut. With releases elsewhere on All Day I Dream, Last Night On Earth and Get Physical, it’s clear that he is in high demand.

His new EP ‘No Strings Attached’  is typical of his sound, with a soaring, triumphant string melody at the center of the track. This flowing motif glides above plucked synth bass phatness and gently rolling house beats, with a lightness of touch in the production that creates a widescreen atmosphere without sounding overblown.

Tensnake’s remix pumps up the beats to more a skipping ‘90s house vibe, the strings chopped and looped over hard-funking bass and chord question-and-answer sequences. There’s a tense, moody feel as the track gradually builds towards a big break where that lead motif is unveiled in a beautifully melancholy fashion. A classic house diva vocal refrain is all that’s needed to top it off as the beat slams back in.

‘Verso 71’ is the second original track on the release, and harks back to the vibe of ‘Adieu X’. Recalling classic breakbeat, its twinkling arpeggios and snarling bass provide a stark contrast, with more sweeping synth lines and chunky kick and snare patterns combining in powerful unison.
Budakid – ‘No Strings Attached’ EP on Exploited
Release: July 8 // Pre-order