Juju & Jordash, are internationally acclaimed musicians, prolific producers and performing artists who have been active as a duo for over a decade.

Their productions have attracted ever-increasing interest and support around the world from fans, DJs and music journalists, alike. Back in 2009, Juju & Jordash were signed to the Amsterdam-based record label and event company Dekmantel. The release of their second album, the self-titled Juju & Jordash, marked the start of a long-lasting cooperation with Dekmantel, today one of Europe’s leading forces in electronic dance music. Juju & Jordash perform as regular headliners at Dekmantel events, including large-scale concerts in the Netherlands and other European countries. Most notable is the Dekmantel Festival, held in Amsterdam for the last three years and currently regarded as one of Europe’s best electronic music festivals, with over 12,000 people in attendance.

Aside from Dekmantel, The duo’s music and productions have found homes around the world, including on the esteemed record labels Golf Channel, Aesthetic Audio, Future Times, Rush Hour, Real Soon, Philpot, Uzuri, Compost, Ostgut Ton, Cisco, Downbeat, Apartment and Firecracker.

Today, JuJu & Jordash duo add their deep trademark sunshine inflected beats and sturdy basslines to the already tropical loop of Calma‘s ‘Quattro‘, infusing swirling synths and strings that lead us in and out of the breakdowns and on to a late night, chilled-out dance floor.

“Raining” is available 15 February on Sorryforthis! Records

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