After twenty years at the centre of the electronic scene, the enigma that is Chloé still stands.

Without a doubt this electronic composer has led an entire generation beyond strictly club and techno. An obsessive seeker of new sounds, she assembles and blends together unlikely tracks, creating subtle contrasts that come together into singular mixes. This desire to eschew readymade formulas, and her constant research into musical and human matters, gave her the impetus to start her own label, Lumière Noire.

It is on Lumière Noire where Chloé brings the seven years in the making LP “Endless Revisions,” representing yet another deviation from rigid genre classification, deepening the often-linear perspectives on current music. A rich and multi faceted work, “Endless Revisions” drifts from one mystery to the other, harkening back to philosopher Theodor W. Adorno’s maxim: “the task of art today is to bring chaos into order.”

Here, off Chloé’s third album, we exclusively premiere ‘The Backlash’.

“Endless Revisions” is available 27 October on Lumière Noire PRE ORDER

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