Clavis return to Freerange for their fourth release which sees the German duo of Manuel Tur and Adrian Hoffmann come correct once again on the Boyd EP.

With a killer Andhim remix under their belts, a remix of Ane Brun for André Hommen’s These Eyes label and exclusive track (as side project Amberoom) for Innervisions next Secret Weapons imminent the Clavis boys are continuing to build steam nicely.

With the Boyd EP we see a departure from the deep Afro-inspired electronic grooves of previous releases, pushing in a raw, stripped-back direction tailor made for sweaty basements and warehouse parties.

On their own Floyd Remix the Italo elements are highlighted and developed creating a more musical version, a chiming melody and snaking bassline adding extra harmonic interest and resulting in a beautiful and mesmerising finale.

“Boyd EP” is available 25 January on Freerange Records, PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE

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