Brazil’s Débora Navarro opts for a muscular form of techno minimalism with her new EP “No Time for Apocalypse EP”.

Elegantly executed, she does an incredible amount with their choice methods. Beats have a rolling, rumbling quality to them. Melodies linger with a nearly eerie presence. Various small flourishes, from handclaps to sweeping moments, add to the overall vibrancy of the EP. Colorful, the ornate presence of the many filters and distortions give the EP a nearly psychedelic hue. Further emphasizing this psychedelic bent, the way the cyclical approach to the songs works possesses a hypnotic quality. Stylistically, Débora incorporates a variety of approaches, from tech house to elements of electro thrown into the swirling mix.

Here, ‘Palaga’ closes the package with a stately presence. Opting for nearly a cinematic approach the way the song suddenly bursts into glorious interludes gives it an early 90s Warp Records vibe.

“No Time For Apocalypse” is available 10 November on D2 Records

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