Freeride Millenium head to St Petersburg and the Delicate Features duo for another excellent EP that follows previous great outings on the label.

Delicate Features is made up of singer Radmila Nikogosian and composer Pavel Astvatsaturian and they have consistently put out music that grabs the imagination. Labels like Not Not Fun as well as Freeride Millenium have released their sounds and ensured the pair grow ever more prominent in the scene with their superbly emotional music that draws on ambient, abstract and downtempo.

Opening up the EP is ‘Brume’, a widescreen ambient masterpiece that has fluttering keys and gorgeous pads extending off to the horizon. The majestic ‘Because I Want To’ introduces gentle drums but the focal point again is the exquisite melody, deft keys and angelic vocals that bring heavenly feel.

The halfway point is marked by the super slow and heavy drums of ‘Nude’, a spacious dub cut with ambient beauty soothing your soul, then ‘Pulkovo Lights’ is an eight-minute journey into bumpy rhythms that feature more fantastic synth craft and grand composition. This most delightful of musical trips closes with the stunning melancholy of ‘Way Home’ which has vulnerable keys and acoustic guitars drifting in space.

This is timeless music that is beautifully crafted and is utterly absorbing from start to finish. Today we premiere ‘Delicate Features – Because I Want To’, a perfect melancholic dreamer.

Delicate Features – Way Home EP is out now. Buy here