Premiere: Doza - Andy, Wally & Ray (Original Mix)

Following Doza’s epic theme “The Nautilus” comes the warm and uplifting single-tracker “Andy, Wally & Ray”.

As where the former was an exercise in self-limitation, using only sounds from one keyboard, ‘Andy, Wally & Ray’ brings three key instruments together again: the Alesis Andromeda A6, Waldorf Microwave XT, and Ray Kurtzweil’s stalwart PC2x. Here, Doza illustrates the concept of electronic instruments as friends, complete with personalities and their own voices to be discovered and celebrated. With crecendos a plenty, ‘Andy, Wally & Ray’ walks listeners through choral peaks and valleys with layers of blissful electronic nuances perfect for dance floors and headphones alike.

“Andy, Wally & Ray” is available 25 May on Hunt & Gather PRE ORDER