Born in Spain, with special interest for music since young age, began to release music in 2013, his frst label was VIVa MUSiC of epic Steve Lawler, after that has released music in labels like Defected or Material.

In 2014 joined forces with Bodden and was involved in this project for 2 years, in that period did a track that hit the top chart sales and was played and charted by over than 400 artist, this track called «Do It» was released in OFF Recordings and reached Top 2 in Deep House Chart in Beatport.

Some months later, EdOne has sufer an accident, a car ran over him and after a long period of recovery starts again his career as solo artist, releasing in labels like Innervisions, Bedrock, Stil vor Talent, Selador, MoBlack, Mood Records… His music has got big support from artist like Dixon, Âme, Tale of Us, Maceo Plex, John Digweed, Luca Bacchetti, Nicole Moudaber, Dave Seaman or Oliver Koletzki between others.

Because his music and the continuous support by many top artist he had the opportunity to play around the world doing headliners appearances in cities like New Delhi, Goa, Kiev, Kharkov, Istanbul, Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Cologne, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Málaga, Mainz, and many many others. Without doubt is an artist to keep an eye on him.


EdOne flies high with “Reincarnation EP”

EdOne makes his comeback on Surrrealism armed with bold and edgy sounds. 3 original tracks of great magnitude already supported by the likes of Dixon and John Digweed.

“Reincarnation” is the take-off track. EdOne shows off his punchy rhythms with an imposing kick drum that manages to take flight altitude. With long melancholic notes, he manages to catch us on a journey towards ecstasy.

“Vultures” is the track that ups the tempo. Ed puts his foot on the gas and shows off his innovative mastery, flying between the avant-garde and eclecticism.

“Oblivion” prepares us for landing. You can feel the journey coming to an end with an upbeat melody and a breakbeat that takes us back to Ed’s roots. A trip down memory lane.

Symbol of reincarnation, the phoenix is an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. And like the Phoenix, EdOne went through a reincarnation-like phase these last months, which gives this name its whole meaning.

Nuria Baena knew perfectly how to capture this idea on the canvas with a surreal touch in the Cover.


EdOne – Reincarnation [SURREALISM] 
A1 Reincarnation

Release Date: 25-3-2022 // Buy here

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