EdOne returns home with Equilibrium EP

Ed makes a new appearance on his Surrrealism label with 3 heart-stopping
tracks and ready to rock every dance floor column.

“Equilibrium” is the curtain raiser to this frenetic performance. True to
his style, Ed deploys an imposing bass drum over which ride powerful
percussion and melodies that reach the ear as if they were knives.
Unexpected changes of rhythm to show off his versatility. Work made in
honour of the dance floor.

“Obsession” continues in the same vein as its predecessor. Without giving
a hint of tranquility, we enter into another demolishing track. Aggressive
synths that hammer your eardrum until they grab your attention
accompanied by a dynamic and forceful rhythm.

“What Is Enough For You” is the track that closes this story. Immersed in a
festival of incessant and energetic rhythms, a beautiful vocal emerges over
pads full of euphoria and hope. Light breaks through the darkness. It is
never enough.

Cover by Nuria Baena. The concept of balance is manifested in our cover
through the eternal struggle of passion and reason. Like all animals,
human beings are driven by instinct from birth, being led astray on
countless occasions but rewarded with the best adventures. Passion leads
us to glory while at the same time making us weak. Only reason can
compensate for this vortex of sensations, intelligently seeking a balance.


EdOne – What Is Enough For You [SURRREALISM]
A3]  What is enough for you
Release Date: 17-06-2022 // Buy here


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