Music is music and whether it is baroque or modern, dance or ambient, it attempts to connect with mind and body, to the euphoric and the sublime, and few embrace this philosophy more than Francesco Tristano.

At 34 years old, the prolific musician is set to release on “Surface Tension” on Derrick May‘s Transmat, an eight-track effort that is both a celebration of electronic instrumentation and the first record May has worked extensively on for the better part of two decades. Originally developed as a way create new material for Tristano’s p:anorig project, “Surface Tension” grew into a project in its own right. The result is an album that feels, at once, nostalgic and fresh; that feels like an old friend, but one who never ceases to surprise.

Today’s exclusive premiere off “Surface Tension”, ‘Rocco’s Bounce,’ is free-form jazz tugged into line by structured four-to- the-floor.

“Surface Tension” is available 25 November on Transmat PRE ORDER

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