After making an initial appearance on Vivrant in 2018 with a remix of Jeremy Olander’s ‘Caravelle’ that generated over 1 million streams on Spotify, Marino Canal makes a proper debut on the label with a long-awaited original EP. 

The Spanish native hailing from Malaga is a rare talent with an uncanny ability to craft some of the most unique soundscapes. His debut artist album, “Over Under”, was released on uncrowned techno queen Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD imprint in 2016 and received praise from industry legends in the likes of Adam Beyer, Adriatique, Joris Voorn, Pan-Pot, and went on to top the charts on Beatport. 

Fast forward to 2019, Canal is releasing his ‘Vangelis Dreams’ Vivrant debut fresh off another freshman project from earlier in the year on sensational Swiss duo Adriatique’s Siamese label, home to Sebastian Mullaert, The Drifter and more. He followed that up with a chart-topping remix for Nicole Moudaber on her MOOD label. The melancholic trademark reinterpretation of ‘The Sun at Midnight’ by the Spaniard, which garnered support from Yotto, Jeremy Olander, Adriatique, Guy J, BOg, Kevin De Vries, John Digweed, Guy J and more and is at the time of writing sitting at #19 on Beatport’s Melodic House & Techno chart. 

It’s undeniable that Malaga’s best-kept secret is going from strength to strength and continually demonstrates why he’s one of the most intriguing names on the melodic house and techno scene today. We asked him a few questions to gain more insight into this talent.

Congratulations on the new project. Tell us a little bit about how the lead track we’re premiering came about and what inspired it.

Thanks. When I sit in the studio a track doesn’t really come to me from having a very clear idea. Usually, I start experimenting with either Serum, Zebra or Diva or maybe a sample sometimes. With the style of music I typically make, I always try to create a moment, and in this case, I thought that high a pitched looped synth that you hear throughout the entire track was worth building from, so I went from there. Once I have a strong element like that the vibe sort of builds itself if that makes sense?

For this track, once I had that lead synth I knew I wanted to build something that was both highly energetic but spaced out. I’m a big fan of film scores so I thought some chords in the style of Vangelis / Blade Runner would work well with the modern and futuristic vibe of the lead synth and the stripped-down composition.

The title itself comes from a play on words. The artist name of this great composer ‘Vangelis’ and ‘Dreams’. I think both these words describe the track well. A dreamy, spaced out and stripped down cinematic track with a retro-futuristic feel.

It’s coming out on Jeremy’s Olander label Vivrant. How do you two know each other and how did the tracks end up on the label?

I met Jeremy a couple of years back through a remix request that he and his manager Alex Drewniak sent. I went on to do that remix for his highly successful track ‘Caravelle’. I did it with a totally different spin to it because the original was quite good and known, and I knew I either did something completely different or nothing at all. I think it’s streamed over 1 million on Spotify so I guess they were happy with it. We’ve built our friendship from there, sharing tracks back and forth and even spending some time in the studio together. I’m good friends with both Jeremy and Alex, who is now my manager as well.

We had been in talks to do a release on Vivrant for a while now. but the tracks were not right at the time, as my sound is sometimes too dark for Vivrant, so eventually, I produced these 3 tracks and Jeremy signed them straight away. I think you can hear that in the EP, that it’s maybe a less dark side of my music but still very much me.

You’ve made an incredible guest mix for us a few weeks ago that’s been on repeat. How would you describe your DJ style in clubs versus when you make a guest mix in the studio?

Thank you! I was very excited when I got the opportunity to do a guest mix for you as I’ve been a big fan for a while. I wanted to deliver something special.

Most people that do a guest mix will always deliver something less spontaneous, more thought out and planned. It’s something that speaks for you and will live on forever on the internet, versus a performance that will only live for a few hours in a club or a festival. I think if you want to deliver a timeless mix you have to prepare.

I bought a Zoom recorder and record most of my sets now, and what you’ll notice if you do that is that what worked in a club or a festival doesn’t necessarily work for a guest mix to showcase who you are. Both are fundamentally different, but I love doing both.

We’re approaching the end of the year. How’s your year been and what do you have left to look forward to?

It’s been a great year. Someone sent me a photo recently of a tattoo they got with the name of one of my biggest tracks, ‘Her Perfect Sky’, that freaked me out. I suppose I must be on to something.

A ‘Fire In The Sun’ EP, which came out on Siamese this year, is one of my highlights for sure. Adriatique has been supporting my music for a long time so it was a pleasure to see this EP take form and be supported so heavily as it was. They’re great guys.

‘Vangelis Dreams’ EP is coming up on Vivrant, and I have another EP for Adriatique that will come out on Siamese before the end of the year.

I also have a few shows that I look forward to, like the Vivrant showcase and Adriatique ‘X’ event at ADE and a headline play at HNGR in Beirut, that I’ve heard a lot of good things about.

What can you let us know about stuff coming up in the new year we can look forward to?

Lots of stuff planned that I can’t really give away, but I’m very excited to be back on Siamese for what I think might be my strongest EP yet. I’ll also be doing more stuff on Vivrant and play a few shows with the label here and there. I look forward to 2020 and being able to share all the stuff I’ve been working on. It feels great to be back to releasing music regularly.

Marino Canal – Vangelis Dreams [Vivrant]
Vangelis Dreams (Original Mix)
Calling Me Back (Original Mix)
Lost Souls Seeking Comfort (Original Mix)
Release date: 4th of October // Buy

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