microCastle begins the summer season by welcoming Ivory to the label for his debut EP. Based in Milan, Daniel Tagliaferri aka Ivory is an Italian producer, DJ, and guitarist who has enjoyed a rapid ascent through the electronic underground. His music found it’s way into the hands of Dixon, John Digweed, Lehar, Nick Warren, Tale of Us, and Trikk, by means of releasing on some of the world’s trendiest record labels, most notably Atlant Recordings, Azzur, Bedrock, Chapter 24, Isolate, MoBlack, and Kompakt. Now following his critically acclaimed ‘Hyper’ EP, Ivory presents his microCastle debut ‘No Scale Can Resize You’.

Spread across five tracks, the ‘No Scale Can Resize You’ collection is a blend of dance floor inspired storyboards and contemporary electronica. Beginning with the pulsating energy and buzzing design of the Tale Of Us championed title selection, to the quirky musicality and cosmic funk of ‘Biscuit’, it’s Daniel’s’ borderless scope and creative vision which resonates on a high frequency here.

Anchoring the EP’s midway point is the much anticipated ‘Pfauneinsel’. Already a favourite of Lehar, it’s a tough yet hypnotic piece driven by unique rhythmic concepts and a flair for the dramatic. Most solemn perhaps is ‘Romantic Circuits’, which astral arps and robotic vocals fuel this indie-tech gem, before perfectly segueing into the journey’s closer ‘Biggest Eyes On Earth’. Once again played by Tale Of Us and surrounded by much hype, it’s reflective qualities are both emotive and timeless, rounding out a collection of music which has already made its mark on the world’s most rebellious dance floors.

For Ivory it’s a unique anthology, one of boundless inspiration and endless possibilities, as he describes:

“Music is always about storytelling, ‘No Scale Resize You’ is a collection of short stories where there are no words, they give way to melodies, sounds, and percussive elements to sing a song full of grace, delicate groove hypnosis, and evocative soundscapes. Every sound has been modeled to create a parallel universe, with magical creatures that speak to us through synths and sound design. Drawing this EP was like a flow of consciousness, many different musical influences converged like rivers to create a unique body of water, one that reflects the soul of these musical tales, dark atmospheres, middle-eastern melodies, robotic beats, dreamy pads, wistful strings, and analogic arps; where every part is an element of the same wildland discovered during the listening. An epical journey about strength, bravery, magic, mysticism, and love. An island made by incantations and charming, fantastic animals, where you can be a dwarf or a titan, it doesn’t matter, every hero has his greatness in the constant search to reach his dreams.”

Ivory – ‘No Scale Resize You’ EP on microCastle
Release: July 12 // Pre-order