The new album – “Disconnected” – from Jan Blomqvist is a three part opus of broken connections, incoherent narratives, and escapes from reality.

In the age of social media, “Disconnected” explores the meaning of being disconnected within its thirteen tracks. Coming two years after his debut “Remote Control”, which led Jan and his band around the world, this album stylistically falls in line with the distinct Blomqvist sound, grown-up and forward-thinking. Recorded, produced and written in various locations around the globe: from Iceland to New York, through California and back to Berlin, and presented in three parts, we’ve got the very first premiere off “Disconnected, Pt. One”‘The Space In Between’.

Stay tuned over the cmoning months for premieres off “Disconnected”s second and third parts!

“Disconnected, Pt. One” is available 25 May on Armada Electronic Elements PRE ORDER

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