An extra special one here for Monologues Records first ever vinyl release. Two sought-after edits and two exclusive new productions from around the globe, including Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vilnius.

For today’s exclusive premiere, Amsterdam’s Melon dons his Je Dàvu guise to bring ‘Don’t You Need’, a stomping disco work-out that’s been heavily rinsed by San Proper and the select few who’ve been lucky enough to receive a copy over the years.

Fellow Amsterdammer Uffe then unleashes the jazzy, shapeshifting ‘Keepon’ nearly 50,000 SoundCloud plays later. Vilnius hotshot Ponty Mython goes deep and cute on his woozy, melodic ‘Still Afraid Of Bats’. Monologues fave Thorsteinssøn rounds off the package with the chunky, tribal-tinged ‘Bang’ from his Copenhagen workshop.

“Dialogue Vol. 1” is available 18 April on Monologues Records. Pre-Order HERE

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