Much like historical New York DJs, Jimmy Maheras’ unique sound spits soulful house, groovy disco and dark techno. Jimmy has played at some of the best venues in LA, such as Vanguard, King King, Culprit’s Standard rooftop parties, and Avalon Hollywood.

In 2010, Jimmy partnered with fellow DJ, Bas, to launch Plastic Love. Today, the DJ pair conduct music podcasts, events, and fuse their talents behind the DJ booth to play shows all over Los Angeles and beyond. Today, doubling as an A&R agent for Plastic Love and Culprit LA, Jimmy is using his musical expertise to identify talent and unearth new sounds.

As an individual artist, Jimmy’s first release, “Space Jam,”, rolled out onto Crosstown Rebels sub-label, “RebelLion” in 2011. Following that were releases on Supernature, Leftroom and Stranjjur.

Today’s exclusive premiere from Jimmy, “This Is The Girl” is the sound of a late night Los Angeles freeway drive. You speed past the downtown skyline with its anonymously lit windows, chasing spectral taillights in the distance, not knowing or caring if you’ll catch them.

“Into the Woods” is available 20 May on Into the Woods

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