Radikon welcomes label co-founder Jonas Saalbach for its 7th release; ‘Makena’ – a foray into the unknown for a veteran producer – is delivered in a trilogy of formats as original, collaboration and remix with appearances by Luna Semara and Tony Casanova.

With ‘Makena’, Jonas demonstrates an incessant ability to reinvent himself. Powerfully uplifting and energetic with intertwining staccato basslines and funky overtones, ‘Makena’ conjures images of carefree days in the sun. Shimmering strings artfully laden with pathos whisk the listener away, telling tales of endless possibility.

Where ‘Makena’ is carefree, ‘Words Unspoken’ is moody and brooding. Luna Semara’s haunting vocals tell of loneliness and regret, while eclectic percussion and eerie bass sweeps create a monumental backdrop. A powerful sawtooth is the only glimmer of hope in an otherwise sorrowful soliloquy.

A Remix of Tony Casanova’s ‘Kap Suzette’ completes the trilogy. The frantic, staccato bassline is layered with stabs and arpeggios, lifting the powerful, bass-driven original to new melodic heights. With ‘Makena’, Jonas Saalbach delivers a powerful EP that proves he’s anything but a one trick pony. ‘Makena’ is powerfully uplifting, sorrowfully melancholic and an exciting new chapter in the discography of a storied producer.

Today we bring you the premiere of Jonas’ Words Unspoken ft. Luna Semara

Jonas Saalbach, Luna Semara, Tony Casanova – Makena EP [Radikon]
1. Jonas Saalbach – Makena
2. Jonas Saalbach – Words Unspoken ft. Luna Semara
3. Tony Casanova – Kap Suzette (Jonas Saalbach Remix)
Release date: 1st of November // Buy

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