Klassified Records is set to present their first compilation “The Feathers’ Eyes vol.1”.

featuring the likes of Jonas Saalbach, Just Emma & ZAZOU, KMLNRancido, BONDI, BudakidAmentia, Hacker & Miethig, Lunar Plane, Mâhfoud, Maga, The Soul Brothers, Fulltone, YarniJoep Mencke, Emiel van den Dungen, Felix Raphael, Danil Bondarev and more, the compilation is about the magnificence of the peacock’s feathers. In different cultures, the peacock symbolises the destruction of all negativity, anger, greed or jealousy and stands for beauty, richness and joy.

Mixed and compiled by label residents Parallells, its music follows this philosophy and include lots of organic, earthy & melodic contents. ‘Baltic Sea’ is representative of the symbioses of two talented artists, Just Emma and Zazou. A modular patch, a nostalgic bassline, drum machine loops, and Zazou’s voice, which bring a true experience.

Releasing on labels such as Katermukke, Hanse Hertz, Plötzlich Music and Connaisseur Recordings it is their own imprint Underyourskin Records that has been causing a buzz lately and on which  the German duo, Just Emma releases their dark and melodic interpretation of electronic music.

Zazou is an instrumentalist at heart. Even today every new track is based solely on analog hardware, synths, drum machines, samplers guitars, and nostalgic effect pedals make up his tools, both as a composer and performer.

“V/A – The Feathers’ Eyes (Vol.1)” is available 19 April on Klassified Music Beatport | iTunes

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