Label heads K.E.E.N.E punch the clock with a swinging fresh new release entitled Don’t Say, aligning David Mayer on remix duties.

K.E.E.N.E. is the duo formed by the brothers Lloyd and Kevin Keene, who since 2010 have become a
referent for house and techno music in Panama. Cacao Records is their home base, which has seen releases from legends like Rick Wade, Kerri Chandler, and also Rodriguez Jr.

Marked by a groovy bassline, an ethereal musicality and bouncing beats, Don’t say is a slice of spacious
melodic tropical infused house with a catchy vocal loop. The dub version offers a drum-heavy alternative,
centering on its tribal appeal and layered percussion. Berliner David Mayer adds space to the
arrangement, infused with an extra shot of exotic percussion and ethnic wind instruments that offer a surprising burst of colour to the sound palette, making it the perfect contender for either a sunrise or sunset-welcoming track.

K.E.E.N.E. – ‘Don’t Say’ EP on Cacao Records
Release: June 21 // Pre-order