UK-based Kieran Apter graces Berlin’s up and coming Sol Eterno label with a wistful two-tracker ‘For Those Who Dream Big’, which is lush and percussion savvy, melodic and simply feelgood. SOL008 draws strength of character from Edinburgh’s Tweak Resident DJ’s adept balancing of organic and electronic sound structures, as well as his ability to translate inspiration into music that moves and grooves.

The title track on the A-side jaunts from earthy to intergalactic and Apter makes that okay – marrying vocal samples that are, literally, from out of space, with the grounding and mundane essence of House. To reimagine that the earth is part of space, to envision the earth among the stars, to remember that the sun is a star – is to dream big, and in this track, we feel it.

On the B-side, Apter circles back to his humbler years, revisiting and reflecting on the first track he had published, ‘Andy Murray.’ ‘Andy’s Revenge’ comes two years later, starting off dense and robust, but unravels into an elaborate and elegant narrative of multi-layered sound brocades that are hopeful, airy and forward-thinking – forgiving. This is how sweet revenge can sound, well, at least for those who dream big.

Kieran Apter – For Those Who Dream Big EP [Sol Eterno]
Release date: 2nd of August // Pre-order