2022 has marked the beginning of a new cycle, one which brings back the focus on local scenes, resilience and a consistency grounded organic growth.

 For our second release of 2022, we are delighted to present andLess’ debut EP on Crossings. The man behind our fabled ADE ‘A Breakfast at the Record Store’ event, andLess runs Amsterdam’s legendary record store Mary Go Wild, a place dear to our hearts, the venue to incredible memories shared with label favourites, and dear friends, Vander, Sora, Joep Mencke, Badin Brothers, Yoram, Allen Hulsey, Lex Van Aken, Bram Merkx, Berend Pilon, Laurent Jastrow and all our Amsterdam hosts.

 The two sides of the EP are goosebumps masterpieces, ethereal, unique and perfectly balanced – Dave’s light, yet hypnotic tale, on the A side, adds a captivating centre, a finishing touch for an instant classic of increasing delight.

Crossings is a London based boutique electronic music label and a platform for artists and local heroes from around the globe and their respective communities to interact and grow.


&Less feat. Dave Sinister – Realms [Crossings]
A1] Realms
Release Date: 21-04-2022 // Buy here


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