A collaboration of like-minded artists and remixers makes for a brimming EP of transcendental house music on Maga & Nhii ’s debut for Flying Circus Recordings. The two upcoming producers, who have between them released music on Stil Vor Talent, The Gardens Of Babylon, Rebellion der Traumer and Kindisch, pair up across two tracks, and remix duties are ably handled by Tim Engelhart and Wild Dark.

Monogram’ is a breezy and seductively dynamic track, buoyed with huge waves of synths and cinematic sweeps, with a rolling rhythm that is simply irresistible. Wild Dark follows up their recent release for Supernature with a more percussive and tribal re-working of ‘Monogram’ whilst still retaining the epic feel already constructed in its original form.

Accompanying track, ‘Sirens Of Space’ gets cosmically charged for an epic eleven-minute trip, resplendent with shimmering keys and galactic drones, all underpinned with a steady and progressive groove. The ever-prolific Tim Engelhardt (Poker Flat/Watergate) deploys a fantastic remix that reduces the elements to a more direct and terse translation.

We also had a little chat with Maga and Nhii about how the collab came together.

When did you guys first meet?

Maga: We meet first in Munich during a Flying circus Showcase funny made sense at the end to work on something for the boys Audiofly.

Nhii: It was also great to catch up on the next day and sit down in my studio. It turned out we are working well together in the studio.

How do you approach a new production idea?

Maga: Most of the time I start with creating the ambiance first make it has warm has possible from the pad then place my drum kit.

Nhii: I usually start with the groove and the kick drum. The kick is very important to me and kind of sets the tone for the whole production. After this I get the ideas going and collect them in the Ableton Jam View, a great way to just collect tons of ideas.

How did you manage to collaborate although you are living in different cities?

Maga: At first we started a project together to give the main direction of the EP then eventually we kept sending each other updated project & work from that. We do believe that is very important at first to be together to create the drive and understanding together.

Nhii: So we were just sending whole Ableton Sessions back and forth, which was a bit frustrating at the beginning because we used different plugins and error messages kept popping up the screen. But after a few tries, it worked well and we actually finished the EP within 2-3 weeks.

What’s your favorite Studio Gear?

Maga: Juno 60, OB-6 Dave Smith & Nord Clavia 3P drum Synthetyser

Nhii: Besides my loved Modular System, it’s the Antelope Zen Tour Soundcard. The Eq’s and Compressors are out of this world.

What’s up next?

Maga: I just returned from Brazil, however, an incredible winter tour is coming, although it does sound more like summer to me. I recently just finished a brand new EP and many other cool projects coming up very soon.

Nhii: I’m following up on this release on Flying Circus with EP’s on Cosmic Awakenings, Kindisch and Stil Vor Talent’s new imprint A tribe called Kotori. Also, I gonna spend the next winter months in the USA, as I have just signed with a lovely agency there and will announce the first gigs very soon!

Can you share any advice to upcoming Producers?

Maga: Over the last few years I was doing a track with 40, 50 channels. It took me a few years to realize that less is more.

Nhii: Persistence is the key to become a good producer. I’m a fan of the 10.000 hours rule. If you do something for 10.000 hours you’ll become an expert in it.

Today we feature Sirens of Space, our favorite of this release from Maga & Nhii.

Maga & Nhii – Monogram EP [Flying Circus]
1. Monogram
2. Monogram (Wild Dark Remix)
3. Sirens Of Space
4. Sirens Of Space (Tim Engelhardt Remix)
Release date: 22nd of November // Buy

Maga Nhii