Mark Höffen returns to SINNERS and opens 2020 with his ‘Black’ EP this February.

Marseille-based Mark Höffen has become an emerging talent since arriving on the music scene in 2016 and signing to Parisian label – Sweet Melodic. His varied blend of melodic techno, jazz, electronica and house soon led to releases on the likes of Sweet Musique, Click and Mimesis, with ongoing support from Oliver Huntemann, Sam Paganini and Joseph Capriati to name just a few. He now returns to SINNERS following his ‘Orwhat’ release on the label last year and his appearance at their sold out ADE showcase, revealing ‘Black’ this February.

“I think that every producer has doubts when it comes to exporting tracks, but there is always the question of a V2 or a V3. On this EP I wanted to assume that a piece is never finished and can continuously be completely re-modelled. ‘Black’ and ‘Blacked’ are the end of this state of two minds, two versions but with different arrangements.” – Mark Höffen

Höffen’s first version entitled ‘Black’ opens with light paced synths amongst cracking snares and eclectic sound bursts throughout, whilst offering a glimpse into a darker dimension. The second interpretation, ‘Blacked’, lays the focus on sweeping, soaring synths alongside bursting basslines and firing drum shots, offering two diverse tracks set to move any dancefloor, and marking another impressive outing on the label.

Mark Höffen – Black EP [Sinners]
Mark Höffen – Black (Original Mix)
Mark Höffen – Blacked (Original Mix)
Release Date: 07-02-2020 // Pre-order here

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