Mark Höffen often stands out for creating personal and sincere tracks, usually loaded with emotions. Through his heightened sensitivity and impressive sound design skills, he releases “OPH”, a resolutely sensible piece, that captures the powerful emotions of a new human encounter through the codes of a modern, electronic sound.

Fully composed in just one night, this new chapter of the Sinners French techno label highlights the state of mind of the artist after a deception, a parapraxis of bad timing. Mark Höffen transcribes this mood with an exceptional softness that transpires through the three pieces of this melodic yet pointillist techno EP.

“OPH is one the rare pieces in which my inspiration was fully active over the full length of the track’s creation. I knew where I was going and never second guessed the composition, the creation process really unfolded fluidly, as if the music had been written before…” M.H.

OPH is aerial, melancholic, nocturnal yet poetic, Mark Höffen certainly delivers one of his best productions to date on the Sinners imprint.

Introduced as a child to classical pieces and jazz alike, Mark Höffen quickly understands music as it should be: through the lens of evading, and releasing emotions.Mark Höffen is a passionate yet multi-disciplinary producer above all, who took the time to understand music and his own inspirations before diving into an extremely accurate sound, loaded with emotions.

That’s how his latest project “SERIES” was born, as a visual & musical concept guided by the artist’s inspirations and the places he picked to illustrate those.

Mark Höffen – Oph EP [Sinners]
Release Date: 09-10-2020 // Buy