Katermukke’s newest release comes from Matchy and Kostakis, who share a split EP named ‘Conjunction Anto’.

The combination of the four pieces behaves like the four elements of fire, air, earth, and water. The fierce ‘Conjunction’ resembles fire with its drive, the trance flavoured synths and the pinch of acid. Air is represented by ‘Irreversible’ as the slowly in and out fading sounds and effects feel loose like the wind. ‘Joyce Stick’ is such a pulsating and choppy piece that it hits your ears like a severe earthquake showing what energy earth can carry on. Finally, ‘Anto’ is left, which has slowly evolving keys and sounds that seem to gently flow in water. Strong symbiosis for this split EP.

Today we premiere Matchy‘s contagious ‘Irreversible’.

Matchy, Kostakis – Conjunction Anto EP
Release: July 12th // Pre-order