Matt Nouveau from London first found his love of the deeper vibes long ago in a previous musical life.

Though his weekly Nocturnal Nouveau podcast on iIunes he has made the musical connections with the world of deep house over the last few years and began producing his own twist on this genre of music for his new imprint Nocturnal Nouveau. The first production “One More Night In Stars” is now on promo with a handful of DJ’s and the 2nd production “The Beast” is soon to follow with the audio premiere of the Matt Nouveau remix right here on DHL. With an album in the making and almost half way to completion, expect the first single release anytime soon.

“The Beast” started life as a string and piano arrangement, Internal deep bringing on the beats both meshing in a very organic musical style. Bulgarian folk singer Poli Hubavenska who resides in London has been working with Matt for some years now on various projects. Her ethereal chanting reminiscent of those you would hear in a Hans Zimmer production add the mystic to the mood of the story of the beast told in an almost narration style by Alice Rose from the Netherlands. The Matt Nouveau remix strips things down the the vocals and builds everything from the foundations delivering more of a futuristic twist on the song with more electronic elements and new atmospheres.

The video for the original mix of “The Beast” is also online, which you can find HERE

“The Beast” is available April 2016 on Nocturnal Nouveau

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