Music brings us together. Sometimes much closer than you can imagine. Here, married music duo Maximalism seduces with 4 originals that support the rule of less being more.

An EP that builds on minimalistic dance arrangements to not only let the vocals play out in full glory, but also show with how little you can create feelings, that immerse yourself in the sound itself. With a good sense for what is important, the couple is able to create an EP, that is able to go beyond its sound structure and win you over with pure emotion. An intimate release, that is further underlined with a powerful & cinematic remix from french talent Anton Dhouran.

Here, and after our first premiere off the EP ‘Glimpse’, ‘Complete’ brings a rather hopeful atmosphere to the table, that tells a compelling story through not only Alicia’s vocals, but a harmony of melodies that create a relieving tone for the listener. Through a clean and minimalistic arrangement, the broad pads are able to really shine to the fullest and build a sheer endless room of sound.

“Glimpse” EP is available 25 May on Nie Wieder Schlafen PRE ORDER

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