Borrowed Identity is a chameleon in the electronic music scene. You can catch him playing a groovy house set or he can turn up and bang out uncompromising industrial techno if that’s the vibe of the night.

His sets are mostly a mix of house, techno, disco/funk and afrobeat but he can also focus on one sound and take the crowd in one direction when the dancefloor needs it. He tries to give the crowds he is playing for everything they need to let go and lose their minds, thats why he doesn’t stick to one sound like so many Djs at the moment with their one dimensional styles. Instead of creating an easy to promote image as a DJ he is trying to catch the vibe in every venue and goes with the flow of the people.

Borrowed Identity has already played many of the renowned clubs in Europe and most parts of the world. He also already released all kinds of sounds and styles on important labels like Let’s Play House, Ostgut Ton, Mistress and Quintessentials.

Today, Borrowed Identity maprovides a hypnotic remix of Miajica‘s ‘Der Schlosser’ for the very very late hours of a party.

“Der Schlosser” is available 16 May (Vinyl) & 3 June (Digital) on LGDZ

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