Mïus is a solo music project by Gergely Álmos, based in Budapest, defined as a multi-art project wherein the different fields of self-expression meet each other.

After the great reception to Mïus’s album “Eigengrau” back in April, Sonar Kollektiv is releasing a lead single from it complete with a fantastic remix by The Black 80s. When you add in the chilly vocals of Kasia Kowalczyk, which soar with some heavenly chords, you have a really standout production.

The Black 80s aka Canadian duo Hollis P Monroe & Overnite have released some choice house cuts on Air London and Freerange in the last couple years. Here they magically reimagine ‘Strobe & Noise’ as a pinging house cut with taught drums, woodpecker hits and brooding bass. The vocals now take on a real sense of menace and it doesn’t take much to see this one sending clubs onto overdrive.

“Strobe & Noise” is available 25 July on Sonar Kollektiv

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