French-American synthpop artist Yan Wagner aka The Populists has, for the last few years, been performing across Europe, supporting prolific artists such as AIR, Goldfrapp, Midnight Juggernauts, Hercules & Love Affair among many others, bringing his new wave, beat driven pop antics to MAMA festival in Paris, as wells as the Chorus des Hauts de Seine and Festival Nouvelles Scènes (Niort).

Here, Wagner’s remix of French electronic producer Molécule‘s ‘ÂRIÂ, is a percussive journey through the unknown; filled to the brim and overflowing with texture, bouncing synth basslines swim amidst howling scapes and swirling arpeggios. A deep, steady beat invites us into the abyss, and striking orchestral samples frighten through jolted, unpredictable strikes. A dangerously hostile slap-bass section rolls out and panic slowly disintegrates to an abrupt, steep pause.

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