What makes Monkey Safari​ so special is their authenticity; with their striking debut album ‘Odyssey’​, this meant producing the same kind of tracks they were playing as they toured nightclubs and festivals around the world, rather than simply a listening album.

The final result was a dancefloor artwork, and while they may be perfectionists, they’re certainly no purists. Here, the first part of a carefully curated three part remix series (one tat includes the likes of Carl Cox, ROD, Avidus, and Hannes Beiger), it is Reboot‘s remix we exclusively premiere today.

On his involvement, and being asked personally by Monkey Safari to contribute, Reboot says:


“Being asked to lay hands on one track of the last Monkey Safari album was a big pleasure for me, as I have been a fan of their work for a while. Even though it was rather challenging, as the original is a perfectly produced floor killer. So I tried to bring the track in to a more dirty direction with a long breakdown, but without leaving the original`s idea too much. I hope people enjoy the results”


“Odyssey Remixed One” is available 18 May (Beatport) & 1 June (ROW) on Hommage

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