Monkey Safari ’s third album comes in perfect time for the summer sunshine. The duo follows up their last LP, ‘Odyssey’, with this warm, inviting collection of music designed to brighten your day and complement the glorious sunny days that bless us during the summer. Sven and Lars learned some valuable lessons from their last long-player, and the new album ‘HI’ comes from a far more relaxed, easy-going place.

An organic project that came together quite naturally, their third album sees the duo in high spirits ready to bring a large dose of positive vibes and emotional depth to the party. Title track ‘HI’, which we are premiering today, truly embodies the sound of the album. One of those tunes that will resonate with audiences all over the world, the universal feeling of joy it transmits has already been lifting dance floors at festivals and clubs across the world as Sven and Lars have been road testing it in their sets for some time now. Monkey Safari ‘s mandate remains the same, sending sunny vibes to make even the darkest dance floors brighten up.

With Lars about to welcome his first child, the duo is clearly full of goodwill, optimism and good vibrations and ‘HI’ is reflective of this positive headspace. Click play, ease into the soulful selection and let the album lift your spirits…

Monkey Safari – ‘HI’ Album on Hommage
Release: June 21 // Pre-order