Hungarian artist MULYA joins the TAU family for his debut outing with the ‘Highlife’ EP. A relative newcomer to the scene, he made quite a splash with his first ever release ‘Marvin’, which dropped on MoBlack in 2017. Since then he’s maintained the standards set by that first release, with a consistent flow of new music on labels like Sum Over Histories and Multinotes. Now he steps up for TAU with four fresh new cuts.

The title track gets MULYA’s debut EP rolling… ‘Highlife’ eases us in with a smooth, considered intro gradually building the tension. It’s emotive, dour and alluring. MULYA’s ability to write emotionally-charged melodies is clear from the off. A short breakdown introduces the main, whimsical riff and the track takes on a whole new identity. A goosebump-inducing track that will set dancefloors alight.

Up next ‘Rush’ takes us into an unsettling world of darkness and malevolence. A quivering bassline leads us slowly into the main part of the track. Energy building as an Arabian sounding wind instrument sounds off like a siren. As we enter the scintillating breakdown MULYA unleashes the energy that has been bubbling under since the very first note. One to send chills down your spine and a highlight of Adana Twins’ recent Cercle show and countless dj sets.

‘Whisperer’, the one we feature today, has a stepping break which keeps things moving in the low end, while the atmospherics cast a spell on your inner dancer. MULYA delivers an exceptional arrangement, telling a captivating story with the electronic voices he is controlling. As with the previous two cuts, there’s a moment of pure exhilaration that explodes and sends the listener into an ecstatic state.

Lastly, ‘Orson’ closes the EP. It has punchy beats, enchanting layers of synth and a melody constructed using a vocal sample. Eerie, moving and full of vigour ‘Orson’ gives us one last reason to put our hands in the air and get teleported up into the heavens.

A masterful first appearance from MULYA, make sure you grab it!

MULYA – Highlife EP [TAU]
1. Highlife
2. Rush
3. Whisperer
4. Orson

Release Date: 21-02-2020 // Pre-order here

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