Berlin’s Sol Eterno has landed some fierce dancefloor igniters since its inception in 2017 and has established a level of complexity, depth, and balance within their own style.

Eterno X marks the tenth release for Sol Eterno and forms this first various artist release. A carefully curated compilation, empowered by ten exclusive titles, from artists that shaped the sound of Sol Eterno in the past two years.

The young label led by Braunbeck and Hazel has brought a handful of new talented acts into the light and keeps on doing that, with some familiar faces like Daniel Bortz, Philipp Harms or Braunbeck himself, accompanied by acts such as Hazel, Naeiiv, Ccismō and many more.

Today we feature Naeiiv’s melancholic track ‘Leaving Earth’ drawing you straight in for an emotional ride.

w/ Naeiiv, Daniel Bortz, Philipp Harms, Braunbeck, Hazel & more
Release date: 20th of December // Buy

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