Nandu returns to AZZUR for his 3rd EP as a close friend from the label founders Melokolektiv and Konvex & the Shadow, which makes him the cornerstone of the label.

Nandu ‘s impressive ‘Simple Chaos’ EP is ranging between Downtempo Electronica and the deeper spectrum of House, showing the range of Nandu’s diversity, as each track brings something different. The support is overwhelming with words of praise from Âme, Kölsch, &ME, Trikk, Marcus Worgull, Sandrino, Denis Horvat, Fideles, Adam Port, Timothy Clerkin, Aera and many others.

Today we premiere ‘Stignated Adulthood’, the more mysterious track of the EP combined with intesifying synth stabs and eastern influenced indie vibes. It’s a slow builder, but an absolute dancefloor killer that grows on you the more you listen to it. This will certainly be one we’ll hear often in the coming months.

Throughout the whole release melody is key, with eclectic and unique grooves providing the full package.

PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE for Nandu – Simple Chaos EP